WOMEN: Take This Serious! These Are The Early Signs Of Breast Cancer You Should Consider!

We can say that thanks to mammography, many breast cancers were caught in their early stages even before the signs appear. But, sometimes not all of them are discovered through mammography.

Moreover, not all warning signs are same among all women. The most common one include changed breast shape or breast feel, change in the look or feel of the nipple and nipple discharge.

We will present you the warning signs, but keep in mind that not all of them indicate breast cancer. Like breast pain that can more commonly occur due to a benign condition than a malignant one.

If a breast cancer is caught in early stages, the survival chances are highest.


Before we scare you, breast tissue is naturally bumpy. Some women have more lumpiness in their breasts than others. In most cases, this lumpiness is no cause to worry. If the lumpiness is same between both breasts, then there’s no need to worry.

But, if the lumps are hard or different than the other breast or the rest of the breast, then it should be checked. It could be cancerous, but it also could be benign, like a cyst orfibroadenoma.

When is it time to consult your doctor?

  • If you find a new lump (or any change) that feels different from the rest of your breast
  • If you find a new lump (or any change) that feels different from your other breast
  • If you feel something that is different from what you felt before
  • If you are unsure about a new lump (or any change).

If you have had a benign lump in the past, it doesn’t mean that a new lump will also be benign.

Nipple discharge

If you’re not pregnant, but your nipple leaks, then it might indicate that there’s something wrong. Other signs following nipple discharge that indicate breast cancer are:

  • Leaking without squeezing the nipple
  • Leaking in only one breast
  • Is bloody or clear (not milky)

Nipple discharge can also indicate infection, or other condition that requires treatment.

Source: healthadvisorgroup.com

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