Traditional Medicine’s Face Map Reveals What Part Of Your Body Is Sick, And What To Do!

What can you see when you see yourself in the mirror? According to the Chinese medicine, the face is a window of health. Forehead, nose, chin, right cheek and left cheek are the 5 zones that give us signs of what happens in our body.

Most people do not realize that their face give information of what happens under the surface. Your body language speaks only through the imbalance that occurs inside. Every part of your face express different elements: fire, earth, water, metal and tree, which correspond to certain organs. Therefore visual facial signals can warn you if something more serious is happening with your body.


According to the Chinese medicine, the forehead corresponds to the element fire. It is connected with the heart, intestines, mind and spirit. Look carefully at the forehead and look for redness or small blood vessels that appear as discoloration of the skin. If you find, they can be a sign of heart problems. The change of the color can also be caused by recent strong emotional experiences, such as breakups and loss.

A heart attack can usually be  predicted with blue-greenish tint on the forehead. If you have changes of the color on your forehead skin which is followed by a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, lack of breath, pains or tingling on the left hand, immediately ask for help.


The nose corresponds with  the element earth, so it indicates on his connection with the stomach, spleen and pancreas. Symptoms usually are showed as pimples on the top or on the sideways parts of the nose. Think of what you had eaten in the previous few days. Does the food was too spicy, fried, fat or generally unhealthy? If yes, then the choice of food appears to be a big problem for you. As a result, you are suffering from indigestion, constipation or diarrhea.

Cracked capillaries or redness at the root of the nose may indicate on problems with alcohol or, simply means that you care too much and you are constantly under stress. Try to calm down and relax with meditation or yoga.


Chin is an area that corresponds to the element  water, and it is internally connected with the kidneys and urinary bladder, including the hormones and glands. Stained and dark spot on the skin around the mouth and chin may indicate kidney or urinary bladder. Also, pimples on the chin can be a sign of hormonal imbalance. The problems often show up when the body produces more estrogen and testosterone.

Look a the concave part between the nose and upper mouth. This small area relates to the women uterus and ovaries or men prostate. Horizontal lines or changes of the skin color may indicate on a problem with infertility because of endometriosis or cysts.

According to Chinese medicine, people who have a small beard have a genetic predisposition for weakness of the kidneys and  urinary bladder, but it does not mean that if you have a small beard you will develop a disease connected with these organs.

Right cheek

Right cheek corresponds  to the element metal, and therefore this area relates to the lungs and colon. The problems with these organs can be seen through the change of color in the right cheek. Also, acnes or redness in this area can be a sign of a cold.

Various diseases of the lungs and upper airways may encourage  visual symptoms on the right cheek. People who are inclinable to respiratory allergies or asthma, have a fondness for eczema, mild rash or appearance of gentle blue-greenish tint on the right cheek.

Lev cheek

The left image corresponds to the element tree. He is connected with liver and bile. Cracked capillaries and redness indicate on inflammation or liver toxins. Cracked veins, redness and rash can sometimes be a sign of high blood pressure. On the other hand, yellowish tint under the left eye may indicate gallstones or high triglycerides and cholesterol.

The problems in this part of the face can reveal even emotional states as anger and depression. Keep on mind that there are many ways that the body warns you that there was a loss of his inner balance, and therefore never ignore the signs it sends to you.

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