This is One of The Best Methods to Survive a Heart Attack When You’re Alone. SHARE IT with As Many People As Possible

Heart attacks happen suddenly and may strike anytime and anywhere. If you suffer a heart attack while alone, you must know how to handle the situation. Once you feel that your heart beats unusually and that you are going to faint, you got only 10 seconds before you lose your consciousness.

Many people are not aware that they can save their own lives in such situations. The key element is not to panic, make sure not to lose the consciousness, and start coughing, as much as you can.

Take deep breaths between each cough. You must cough deeply and long enough, as if you were trying to cough out something from your lungs.

Breathe and cough every 2 seconds, without any breaks, until the doctors come, or until your heart starts beating normally. The deep breaths will allow the oxygen to enter your lungs while the coughs serve like a compression.

It will also prevent further damage until you get professional help.

Cardiologists advise to share this information, because it can really save someone’s life.

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