They Are Selling You Toxic And Cancer-Causing Meat! Learn How To Buy Real Meat!

The fact that processed food is carcinogenic due to its toxic cancerous content is nothing new. Even the World Health Organization has confirmed it, which means people should really pay attention when purchasing meat.

Processed meat is the meat that has been treated to be preserved or to be flavored by salting it, fermenting it, smoking it, etc… We will share some tips on how to purchase healthy meat.

First and most important, pay close attention on where it is produced. If the package of the frankfurters sausage or salami says MSM, do not buy it! This marking means that the meat has been pounded in a machine alongside the bones, and the bones are the part of the body where all the anti-microbial, hormones, substantial metals and different poisons the creature has been presented to are stored in.

Also, check if the package has imprinted E249, E25, E251 and E252 on it. These substances respond to amino acids in the meat, creating carcinogenic compound called nitrosamine. You should as well avoid if the package says that the product contains polyphosphates like E451, E452 and E453. According to specialists, they are geno-harmful, meaning they harm our genomes.

The substance E407 is also something to avoid. It adheres to the intestinal dividers making wounds which can later form into colon malignancy. You should also keep away from enhancers like glutamines.

You can recognize a healthy meat if it contains white streaks of fatty tissue. They are signs that the animal was well kept and well fed.

The preparation of the meat is also very important. By burning it, it releases dioxin which is cancer causing. That’s why it’s better to steam it, boil or bake it.


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