Ten-Year-Old, Amish Girl, Who Fled The Country To Avoid Experimental Chemotherapy Treatments Is Now Cancer-Free!

Unfortunately, scenarios where doctors are mistreating nurses and patients are happening more and more often.

It is of a great importance to have a good and a healthy doctor-patient relationship, but Sarah Hersherberg and her family cannot say that they had one with Sarah’s doctor. In September 2013, the 10 year old Amish girl had to flee from the United States in order to avoid hospital demands and court orders to undergo two years of experimental chemotherapy. The court order wasn’t only against their wishes, but also against some health experts advices.

Sarah started her treatment at home with natural remedies and then continued further treatments outside the US. Even though she’s leukemia free and wants to return to US, her parents fear that if they do come back, they will either get arrested or have Sarah be taken away from them. The Ohio court had awarded custody of Sarah to the Akron Children’s Hospital attorney.

The second round of chemotherapy was set to begin. A nurse sent Sarah home with the meds, warning the parents that if any of the other children got a hold of them, those meds could cause cancer.  Her family reported that she was sick and could not get out of bed and refused to go through any further chemotherapy.  The family strongly believed that the experimental meds were killing Sarah.

When Sarah’s family told their doctors that they wish to cancel the treatments, they were told that f they do so, their daughter will die in few months. When her grandfather tried to share his own experience with cancer, he was told told to “Shut up”.

The hospital agreed to let Sarah home but only if a doctor is present to monitor her state. The hospital then tried to involve Child Protective Services, but CPS refused to take the case. Then, the parents faced court, but after three days of testimonies, the judge ruled that the parents were acting in the best interest of their daughter and reported that the hospital has no jurisdiction to remove the child from her family. But the hospital wasn’t content and kept taking matters further, going back and forth between CPS and the court trying to appeal the judge’s decision.

“They live a simple life, but this does not mean they are simple minded,” says judge John Lohn.

When the family was told that the hospital found a judge in probate court that was willing to side with the hospital, they decided to flee.

Even though Sarah is now cancer free, her doctors told the family that she will still be put back on chemotherapy for “preventative purposes.”

Source: checkoutthehealthyworld.com

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