Simple Tricks to Make Your Clothes Pure White and Stainless

When it comes to stains that are had to remove, like from wine or grease, we often turn to expensive detergents. But, they don’t always provide us with the desired effect.

These stubborn stains look like nothing can remove them, and washing the stained clothes over and over again can only leave chemical-laden shirt which still has that stain. Frustrating, right?

Well, luckily for you, today we will present you natural and cheap methods that can remove stubborn stains in no time, and won’t damage your clothes.

Baking Soda

Add one sup of baking soda in 4L of water and let your clothes soak in for a few minutes. This will regain their original color.


Here’s another great method to remove stubborn food and wine stains and restore the white color of your clothes.

In a bowl of water add six crushed aspirins. Soak your clothes in the solution for half an hour and then wash them with a regular detergent.

Vinegar and Lemon

Mix the ingredients in 1:1 ratio, and use the solution to wash your clothes. It’ll restore the white color it had when you first bought them and will smell fresh.


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