NOBEL LAUREATE GERMAN DOCTOR: You get cancer because you eat THIS! (VIDEO)

According to the German scientist and Nobel Prize winner in physiology, Harald zur Hausen, poorly-studied virus, which is found in cows, can be cancerous for humans.

“I think that domestic animals can be a direct cause cancer of the colon in humans. We have experimental data are in favor of this hypothesis. However, this remains to be confirmed, “said Hausen.

Many other scientists have warned that consuming red meat (beef, veal, horsemeat, lamb and pork) can increase the risk of getting colorectal cancer. Unlike them, Hausen claims that the danger only comes with beef and cow milk.

“The traditional explanation was associated with the preparation of meat for food on the grill, and hence were performed claims that it leads to the formation of carcinogens. This thesis does not consider that these are the same carcinogens which create during the course of frying fish and chicken, but no one thinks that the use of meat fowl and fish increases the risk of developing colon cancer, “says the scientist.

He especially devoted his attention in the research to the fact that people in Mongolia eat a lot of red meat, yet colon cancer is rare, and in India, beef for religious reasons never eaten. He also noted that the level of colorectal cancer increased rapidly after World War II.

He believes that the reason behind this lies in the fact that these countries imported beef. Hausen also noted that in the mentioned Asian countries there is much less found cases of mammary cancer, because they minimally use cow’s milk and dairy products in their diet.

In the latest issue of the scientific journal International Journal of Cancer, Hausen revealed that he studied samples of blood and milk of cows and therein discovered elements of DNA that may belong to an unknown virus, which could be the cause of cancer.


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