“I Already Had A Good Life, Save A Younger Patient”: 90-year-old Belgian Woman Dies of COVID-19 After Refusing Ventilator

A Belgian woman has died from a new coronavirus to save a younger patient.

Susan Hoylaerts, 90 years old, refused the respirator, asking the doctors: “I don’t want to use a respirator. Keep it for a younger patient. I already had a good life. ”

Suzanne Hoylaerts was taken to a doctor after she had a loss of appetite and shortness of breath.

She was tested for COVID-19 and after the results were positive, they put her in isolation in the hospital. Two days later, she lost her battle with the virus.

“I couldn’t even say good-bye to her and I couldn’t even attend her funeral,” said her daughter Judith, who was surprised how her mother is infected with coronavirus, because she respected the isolation recommendations.

Because of the lack of respiratory machinery, doctors in some countries are forced to choose which patient will continue to live…

Most often, on mechanical ventilation they put the patients who has the biggest chance to survive the battle against the virus.

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