How Did I Miss This Before? Boil Bananas Before Bed, Drink the Liquid and You’ll Not Believe What Happens to Your Sleep

Modern day living has caused many issues, among which is sleep deprivation and difficulties. Irregular sleeping patterns can greatly affect the overall health, which is why it shouldn’t be overlooked.

People all over the world are facing this problem. The most common reason is the stressful modern lifestyle, depression, and anxiety.

Sleep deprivation can also be caused by other factors like  blood pressure meds, pain-killers, antihistamines, which may lead to drowsiness, anxiety, disturbed sleep, and frequent bathroom trips.

When people face sleeping problems, they immediately reach out for sleeping pills. Sleeping pills are far from a good solution, because they can cause adverse side effects. They can even worsen the situation and lead to insomnia.

This is because sleeping pills belong to the group of sedative hypnotics, together with barbiturates and benzodiazepines, which are created to maintain sleep. Yet, Valium and Xanax, which are benzodiazepine types, are used to cure anxiety, and increase drowsiness.

Moreover, barbiturates are used as sedatives and anesthetics and depress the central nervous system. But, their major flaw is their ability o cause addiction.

They can cause dizziness, weakness, stomach pain, parasomnias, constipation, difficulty focusing and remembering, uncontrollable shaking. They also slow down the breathing rhythm, and may be dangerous and even fatal in the case of lung diseases, like asthma, or COPD.

Not getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep can cause long-term and short-term memory issues, and even cause cancer, diabetes, obesity, and impede the cognitive performance.

Luckily, Nature is here to the rescue. Have you heard of banana tea?

The tea is very easy to prepare and very delicious, and it will amaze you with its positive effects on your sleep!

Bananas are rich in magnesium and potassium. Magnesium is extremely beneficial in the case of sleep disturbances and provides relaxation.

Since the tea requires the peel as well, make sure you get organic bananas that are chemicals and pesticides free.

  • 1 organic banana
  • A small pot of water
  • A dash of cinnamon

Cut off the ends of the bananas, peel them and then add them in a pot with boiling water, together with the peel. Leave it to boil for 10 minutes, and then strain the tea through a colander, and pour it into a mug. Add a bit of cinnamon for taste and drink it before going to bed.


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