Hot Drinks Are Not Recommended Because They Can Cause Cancer

There is insufficient evidence that drinking coffee causes cancer, the cancer agency of the World Health Organization, relieves its earlier warnings, but added that all “very hot” drinks are probably carcinogenic. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has previously warned of coffee as a “possible carcinogen” but changed its mind.

Experts think that according to recent research, “there is not enough evidence of carcinogenic effects.”  But they also indicate that other scientific evidence suggests that drinking any hot drink – about 65 degrees Celsius or more, including water, tea or other drinks probably cause cancer of the esophagus. IARC, whose head office is located in Lyon, and last year caused worldwide attention with the conclusion that processed meat can cause cancer, came to its conclusion after more than a thousand scientific studies on humans and animals.

There is insufficient evidence that coffee could be classified as carcinogenic, neither as non-carcinogenic.  Previously as a “possible carcinogen” is classified in the 2B category with chloroform, lead and many other things.

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