Get Rid of Your SCIATICA Problems WITHOUT Medications!

Lumbar pain can spread along the lower leg below the knee, in the calves / and or in the foot. This pain is strong, continuous, with a burning sensation and causes numbness to  the legs leading to difficult movements.

Usually the pain spreads in one leg, and is stronger than the pain in the lumbar area. At night, the pain intensifies after prolonged standing, sitting, sneezing, coughing or stress.

Sciatica is often treated with medications, but you should know there are other ways.

Exercises for stretching the static nerve (SCIATICA)

Stretching exercises can help to calm the inflammation, and thereby decrease the pain. This will not be easy at first, which is why it should be done slowly. Increase the stretches while you are breathing out.

Position yourself on a flat surface, bend the aching leg and then pull it slightly towards your shoulder. Once you feel the stretch, try to keep the leg in that position for 30 seconds.

Straighten the legs, take a short break, and do this exercise two more times.

How to release the pinched nerve in the lumbar area (SCIATICA)

There are two simple ways to get rid of the pain. Again, in the supine position, bend your knees and slowly pull them toward the chest, but try not to lift your buttocks from the floor.

Then, cross. Cross your legs, as shown in the picture, and pull the healthy leg with your hand. Keep your legs in this position for 30 seconds, release them, and return to the original position. Repeat this exercise two times.


These exercises will stimulate the blood circulation and eliminate the stagnation in the muscles, and this will accelerate your recovery.

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