Everyone Has It At Home, But It Is Dangerous to Health: Here’s Why You Have Headaches and Insomnia

Because of the Internet connection, our wireless devices – phone, tablet and laptop handy device – a router that broadcasts electromagnetic waves or WLAN signals can be dangerous to human health. British health agency made an investigation which showed the bad influence on the development of plants, but also on human’s health.

The results from overexposure to Wi-Fi are:

– Permanent headaches
– Chronic fatigue
– insomnia
– earache
– deconcentration

But there is one thing that we can do to protect ourself from the destructive effects of technology. First of all, try not to sleep in the room where the devices are located.

Or you can just disable Wi-F if you do not need it in the moment, and also you must not put the router in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

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