Breaking Study: This Green Herb Could Be The Cure To 5 Different Types Of Cancer Including Ovarian, Liver, Lung And Melanoma

Moringa is a tree that originates from Africa and Asia and every part of it is edible whether it’s the pods, the fruits, the flowers, the bark or the roots. These parts are commonly used in the South India’s cuisine because of their peculiar taste.

This tree has many health benefits as well. The oil produced from its seeds which in terms of nutrition is very similar to olive oil, is full of antioxidants and doesn’t have expiring date.

Its leaves contain three times more iron than spinach, and four times more vitamin A per gram than carrots, which makes it a rich source of beta-carotene.

Other great thing about this tree are the supplements produced from its pods and leaves that are far better that the today’s vitamins and supplements due to the fact that Moringa’s supplements do not contain synthetic components.

Other important things to know about Moringa is that it has twice more protein per gram than yoghurt, three times more potassium per gram than bananas, seven times more vitamin C per gram than oranges and four times more calcium per gram than milk, which makes it great for bone health.

Moringa contains many anti-cancer ingredients including kaempferol, rhamnetin and isoquercetin and according to some researches it has positive anti-cancer results against ovarian, liver, lung cancer, and melanoma.

This incredible tree is also a water purifier, contains 9 essential amino acids, 27 vitamins, 46 antioxidants, and many minerals, It improves lactation, It’s beneficial for treatment of various chronic illnesses, bites, wounds, and other ailments, It’s an effective skin cleanser, also great for healthy, vibrant hair and It gives no side effects, which makes it safe for children too.


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