A Woman Cured Cancer Stage 4 With Just 1 Item

The story of this article follows Ann Cameron, a children’s book author of more than 15 books that was diagnosed with a stage 3 colon cancer in 2012.

Ann had her share with cancer earlier in her life when she lost her husband to lung cancer in 2005. Her husband had undergone chemo, but she decided to go the other way – with natural healing. Her decision was influenced by her husband’s experience with chemo. He didn’t respond well to the treatment, so Ann wanted to avoid it by any means.

Ann spent a lot of time searching for an alternative treatment. One day she heard about Ralph Core, a 26 year old skin cancer survivor. Ralph claimed that he treated his cancer by drinking 2.5 kg carrot juice every day!

She decided to follow his steps, and after 8 weeks of the treatment, the test results showed that her cancer has stopped spreading and that the tumors in the glands and lymph system decreased. After 4 months, there were still no signs of tumors growing, and 8 months after, the scans showed NO tumors whatsoever and that the cancer was gone.

While the juice can be utilized alongside chemo and radiation, Ann decided to go only with the juice.

Source: www.cuisineandhealth.com

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